• Durik hales from the East Coast and carries with him the tradition of artists that have broken through this industry and captured the hearts of fans throughout the United States and the world. Raised in Albany New York, he developed a tenacity to take on all challenges, no matter the cost and determined to carve his place amongst the greats.

    Durik’s path was carved out at an early age being one of five children in a family of musicians and singers. Growing up learning the foundations of vocal control, lyrical structure and music creation and production, he grabbed on to song-writing as an escape from his struggles and a way to communicate his passions. Not satisfied to utilize his gift as a hobby, he has spent thousands of hours perfecting singing, song-writing and production in preparation for his career.

    Durik’s path to professionalism began in 2004 when a good friend, Andy Anderson of VRS Studios, saw his talent and encouraged him to audition for the lead singer of a group signed to RCA records. Although he was not selected, his determination did not allow him to become disheartened, but instead cemented his determination to break the through region and find fame on a national and international level.

    Durik has the ability to write and perform in many genres of music, but he describes his focus on creating music that connects with fans across the world through electronic-pop. Starting with his first song, “Can I Be.” a song that fit into mainstream pop hits of the past, he has studied many genres and built his repertoire to be relevant no matter the style. He pulls from his experience and from all styles to create sounds that are familiar yet unrecognized. His style incorporates brief periods of diverse genres that emphasize the message he is communicating, while staying within the bounds of mainstream electronic/pop.

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